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About F Fentanyl

In response to the devastating impact of fentanyl and other substances on the Miami community, Thomas Guerra founded the organization "F Fentanyl" (also known as "Fight Fentanyl") in 2023. Their objective is to provide support to people who use drugs (PWUD), regardless of whether they are seeking recovery or not, with the ultimate goal of preventing overdose deaths. Their approach emphasizes harm reduction strategies to reduce the risks associated with drug use, while also providing resources for those who choose to pursue recovery. The message is clear: we must take action to fight against the dangers of fentanyl and other harmful substances.

Our Mission

The mission of F Fentanyl is to lessen the risk of substance use through harm reduction and provide recovery support to individuals who ask for assistance.

Our Vision

We envision a world where people who use substances are treated with love and compassion. They will have access to support regardless of their race, social economic status, or sexual identity. 



Meet the Team

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