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F Fentanyl Inc

In response to the devastating impact of fentanyl and other substances on the Miami community, Thomas Guerra founded the organization F Fentanyl aka Fight Fentanyl in 2023. Their objective is to provide support to people who use drugs (PWUD), regardless of whether they are seeking recovery or not, with the ultimate goal of preventing overdose deaths. Their approach emphasizes harm reduction strategies to reduce the risks associated with drug use, while also providing resources for those who choose to pursue recovery. The message is clear: we must take action to fight against the dangers of fentanyl and other harmful substances.

What is Harm Reduction?

Harm reduction is an approach that promotes health in a way that meets people where they are at, accepting that not everyone is ready or capable of stopping their substance use at a given time. Instead of making judgments about where individuals suffering from addiction should be with regards to their health and behavior, harm reduction focuses on promoting evidence-based methods for reducing associated health risks in the current moment (e.g., preventing HIV transmission).

The defining features of harm reduction include a focus on the prevention of harm, rather than on the prevention of substance use itself. Harm reduction initiatives run the gamut from medical care and disease prevention, to education and linkage to addiction treatment. (

In the News

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An organization’s fight against fentanyl epidemic
By Gabriela Salinas and Juan Cortes - January 10, 2024

Luna Plaza, a homeless outreach worker, recounts a deep conversation with an elderly Jamaican woman she met in Overtown. 

The woman, Plaza says, was ensnared in a controlling relationship with fentanyl, She envisioned a path to recovery and dreamed of returning to her homeland to work at a shop of her own. 

“I told her my best friend was from Jamaica and she shared with me advice on how to stay safe as a woman there,” Plaza recalls. “Sometimes [those battling addiction] just need someone to listen to them, to talk to, because they don’t have that space.

Continued ...

The Addiction & Mental Health Show with Miller M. and special guest, Thomas Guerra, MS - February 1, 2023

The Addiction & Mental Health Show with Miller M. and special guest, Thomas Guerra, CEO Of F*** Fentanyl. They discuss harm reduction, Narcan, and upcoming training. 
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What We Do

Harm Reduction Training
Overdose Prevention Training
Recovery Ally Training

Narcan Distribution
Condom Distribution
Recovery Support Linkage
Family Support Linkage
Street Outreach 



Ultra Music Fest. March, 2024

Recovery at the Park.  September 2023

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Overdose Awareness Day 2023 at UM, August, 2023


Main Library Resource Table, February 2023

Upcoming Events/Training

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No More Dead Homies Shirt

All proceeds from F Fentanyl Store go to our mission. 

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